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We have launched here some Music Promotional Services of Four famous Platforms. You can get all kinds of Promotion of these Platform- Youtube, Instagram, Soundcloud, Audiomack and Soundcloud!! Here, you can promote both Your profile/ Channel and tracks/videos. Compared Cheap in pricing and best in Quality. Let's try now!!

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How does it work?



Choose the Service that you want to get


Put your Song/ Video Link in the Order page


You can see the results within 24 hours.

After placing order we check your song/ music/ Video and Profile/ Channel. Within 24 hours, we start our campaign. During the campaign you can gain traffic and engagements. According to the order, we run our campaign. For example, you’ve purchased 5K Views package for Audiomack Song promotion, we may need to run the campaign 3-5 times within the time frame. At the same time you will gain Plays/ Views and engagements- Likes, Repost, Comments, Followers etc.

We use some methods for Promotion. If you want to grow naturally, you need to learn how to grow. Or, you need to be very Famous Person Likes Celebrities, Media Personalities, Politicians etc. If you think, buying any services may make you FAMOUS, it would be very wrong concept. Your music or song  will get a lot of traffic and engagements if your creation is very interested to the people. No supplier can provide you 100% Real Views and Engagements. These are 90%  Proxy generated.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe Or won't harm for my Song/Music if I use the service ?

Yes, it is 100% and promotional service. Your Track/ Video won’t be deleted/ ban if you use our Service. Just be sure of Copyright Issue during Upload. If you have a genuine Content, you will never be ban. So, you’re free to use any promotional service from Lovia Promo!!

Is it Bot generated Fake Views or Real People will see my Track/ Video ?

Absolutely Not Bot or Fake service. Actually, we use some Promotional tools to reach to audiences/ viewers, Some from our Private Blog, fan page and rest of views from by our team members branding profiles. We gain all of the followers by Follow- Unfollow method. So, you may expect at least 30% Real Views.

Can I get a trial before buy so that I can judge your service ?

Yes sure, to get free Play/ view promotion on Audiomack, Instagram and Soundcloud, Please send your link by mailing through admin@trendingmusic.org But, sorry for Youtube because it is very slow to process.

Can I get refund my money if I'm not satisfied ?

Yes sure but you need to inform us at the beginning of our promotion. Also, you will be blocked to get another promotion in future. If you some bad/ nude profiles in your time line as engagements, you need to block them. We can not control your fans. Anyway, you’re free to ask modification.

Can I get revenue from the Views come from your campaign?

Not sure, we can not guarantee for revenue from the views that come from our campaign. Also, you should know that no company provides revenue if you buy views from them. Eg- Google Ad words

Is it possible to move to Soundcloud Top Chart / Trend my Song ?

Yes sure. If you song is most played within a week than other song among same tags, your track may move into top Chart. But, don’t guarantee or never sell services for moving into charts/ trends. If someone offers you for charts/ trends by the money, you should ask sample with work proof.

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